A Summary

                        by Sain Sucha



A long journey it has been:

         Stretched over almost thirty four years

         Longer than three and a half million kilometres

         In the company of some three hundred thousand strangers


While travelling as a taxi driver

         Oblivious to their origin

         I sat with them

         In dead silence or in discourse

         Before the daybreak and after sunset

         In the heat of summer and freeze of winter

         Listening to serious reflections or loose talk

         Sharing moments of joy and tales of sorrow


Of all these strangers – 300000 or more

         Two were dangerous[*]

         About ten somewhat unpleasant

         And the rest –about 299988

         Nice, decent fellow beings

         Laughing, talking co-travellers!


How do I then classify them?

         .000666 % dangerous

         .003333 % unpleasant

         99.996%  harmless


And during another journey

         Stretched over almost seventy years

         Covering Asia, Africa, Europe and America

         In the company of countless strangers


While travelling as an alien

         Oblivious to my origin

         They accepted me

         In the centre of cities and middle of desolations

         During the sunshine and the dusky hours  

         In the warmth of spring and slight chill of autumn

         Engaged in thoughtful dialogue or just chit chat

         Sharing moments of joy and tales of sorrow


Of all these strangers – countless as they were

         No one posed a threat to me!


So, however I look at it

        call me lucky or an optimist fool –

The fact remains

A normal human beings is not hostile by nature


Among these strangers

         There were those

         Who became my friends –

         Male and female, young and old

         From the South and North, East and the West

         Black and white, pale and brown

         Wonderful people –

            I’m proud to have known them



         I am neither blind nor unaware of

         World wars, Vietnam, Biafra, Cambodia

         Iraq, Afghanistan or Darfur


I know

         Evil people exist

         The worst are the missionaries

        religious, political or social –

         Persons blinded by their own version of truth

         Insensitive to other’s feelings and beliefs

         They strive to impose their own views

         At all cost, under any pretence!



         There are likes of

         Hitler, Khomeini, Zia, Saddam, Bush and Blair

         Individuals immensely narrow minded, and debauched

         Who, for personal motive and drives,

         Hurt humanity unrestrained



         I come to the question I asked once before

         Are we “basically wicked or just timid and afraid”



         The answer is

         As human beings

         We are good and unafraid

         Actually friendly and compassionate



         Under misguided leadership, and brainwashed

         We, as a pack, act mindlessly and misbehave

         Causing suffering at home and abroad

         Hurting our neighbours, and people afar



         Learn to say “No” when you are approached, by

         Home made truths and vice in disguise

         Stand up for the people, close and far

         Be upright as an individual and a collective mass


[*] Two youths who tried to rob me.