Blind hate is a burning fury


                           by Sain Sucha


Blind hate has no one face:

It has no fixed abode, no colour of its skin

                                            no religion and no race

Blind hate is a burning fury

                                            raw, bitter, vengeful and ruthless



         It can manifest itself under many disguises



                      Anders Behring Breivik blue eyed and blond

                      Cho Seung-Hui dark eyed and pale faced

                      Usama bin Ladin brown eyed and brown skinned

                      Adolf Hitler Blue eyed and dark hair

                                            and many, many more



         It develops in minds infested with

                      False beliefs, misguided notions

                      Unfounded fears and phoney assumptions   

         There it evolves when

                      Tender minds are closed to fresh information

                      Planted seeds of misinformation germinate

                                            and change into intense dislike

                      And finally burst out in acts of violence



         We ought to tame this fury with active deeds:


                      Words of information and solace

                      Acts of interaction and support

                      Meetings of various people and minds

                      Learning from and about each other