(in the memory of an old friend))


                            by (Sain Sucha)


They tell me you are gone

Gone forever

This time the parting is final!


What do they know about parting!

You were gone before

To the plains of Andalusia,

Or the domain called Britain,

Or just to the Old Town.


When you stepped out

And the door was shut

Did I forget you?

Did we become separable?


And now

When you have taken a different journey

Journey to the land of unknown,

Some call it Heaven,

To others it is a place across the horizon,

To some it's a blissful sleep,

For others it is Nirvana

Then would I forget you?


No my dear!

No matter how we describe it

The fact remains:

From the bosom of mother Earth we all come,

And to the embrace of mother Earth we all return.

So, until the day I also set out for the same embrace

Let us not bid "Good bye"

Which sounds so final and absolute.

Let us be French for a while

And say "au revoir"

Till we meet again!