If . Else

                                        by Sain Sucha



You believe

In such a being

Who is

         God supreme

         The creator

         Worthy of praise

         The merciful and the benevolent

Then why do you not emulate him?



Just like Him

         Create, after research and inquiry, in the fields of knowledge and arts

         Be praiseworthy by guarding and serving the earth, vegetation and animals

         Be merciful to those who are the victims of the circumstances

         Be benevolent to those who struggle to come up on their feet!




         In a manner that is associated with the Satan

         You commit most hideous crimes

        Murder, violence, anarchy and chaos

And proclaim them as the will of your God!


As if

         The will of such a supreme being is

         Merely an extension of your own wicked intent! 




         You believe

         In such a creator


         Avoid every person, fraction or group

         That is engaged in destroying the creation of their creator

         Who, after putting others on the devious way of evil,

            describe it as the straight path

         Who, after leading you to the course of death,

            do their utmost to prolong their own lives



         Why not just speak out the truth:

            "We recite the name of God just for the sake of appearance

            In our thoughts and practice we are

                                                   the Devil's disciples!"