Insane or Criminal


                             by Sain Sucha



Do we need a 240 pages long document

and certificates by eminent doctors

to declare Anders Behring Breivik insane?


Anyone who deliberately kills

77 innocent persons

must be INSANE!


But no more insane than

 Hitler, Idi Amin, Sadam Hussain

          Usama, Charles Mason, Bush and Blair

          Who also planned and killed their victims

                    by the masses in cold blood.


And what about all those millions

          Who conceive, eat, excrete, urinate, sleep and die

like every other human being;

          And can naturally cross-breed with any other human kind;

          But because of a general pigment deficiency in their skin

                   believe that they are specially selected by their God

                    to subordinate others –

                                                       are they not insane too?


Common to all these is:

a state of collective delusion that they are

selected or appointed by a distant deity

                 – also a creation of their own mind –

that puts them over and above all others



Then we have the Norwegians –

Who stood up and behaved in an exemplary manner

During and immediate aftermath

of the tragedy in Utøya.

But now they,

like a well staged family tragedy by Agatha Christie

where to cover up the filthy family secrets

                  coercion, blackmail and eventually murder is committed,

are trying to hide Breivik.

Lest the dark side of their society becomes public!



I remember an old western

Where the sheriff [1]

when he handed over the villain to court officials says:

Hang him after the trail”

And now Breivik is being put away

without even a trail.



No sir!

Insane he is,

          but a rational insane.


At the time of his execution

He did not lack the ability

to choose between right or wrong.

He selectively killed those he disliked

and spared those he felt sympathetic towards.


A fair trail he must be given –

And if found guilty of

Murder and terrorism

Then, and only then,

 He should be put away as a CRIMINAL!!!


[1] Or some other official.