(by Sain Sucha)

What is truth?


Is it

A rosary of shining edicts

Each perfectly cut and shaped

Sometimes revealed to the elect

At times bestowed upon the so-called son


Occasionally claimed by some self-proclaimed messenger



Each blinded by its glitter

                  Considering his set of commandments

                                                to be the only Set

                  His way as the only Way


                  His book as the only Book


                  Narrowed down the boundless human experience

                  To certain verses envisage by the individual minds –

                        However appropriate in their local framework

                        They remain inadequate in the universal context



Is it

A scattered treasure of elusive facts

That we must separate and pick, bit by bit

From the bog of ignorance and false beliefs

And after cleansing and polishing them 

Match them against the prevailing order

And if they pass scrutiny and acid test

Then append them to the string of human awareness


                  But legitimacy of each discovered fact valid only

                  Till it is proven false or insufficient

                  By newer experiences and discoveries



Perhaps it is


Moments of amazing inspiration

Along with

Ages of laborious research



                  Archimedes cried out "Eureka"

                  Kekulé dreamt of the Benzene molecule

                  Billie Holiday sang the Strange Fruit

                  Moses conceived the Semitic dictates 


                  Darwin formulated his theory of Natural Selection   

                  Einstein calculated his theory of Relativity

                  Marie Curie discovered radium and polonium

                  Buddha toiled for a blissful Nirvana

We came closer to truth



However you look at it

Truth can not be a personal possession

                  of any alleged heavenly or earthly being!

It is the collective pursuit and compilation of human knowledge

                  Its findings

                        open to all for inquiry and authentication

                  Its fruits

                        available to all for storage and utilization


After all

                  Any truth that is not yet accessible

                  Remains irrelevant to us


                        It is apprehended and comprehended

                        By the human mind